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In the same stage with legendary musician Neşet Ertaş, Mehmet
Söyleyici performs and sings, in 1999

In 2011, Turkish musician EFE released his own album, which
included the song "Pekmez," which lyrics and music were composed by Mehmet
Söyleyici. He also recorded a video clip for the song in the following years



When I was in the Mehter Team (Ottoman military band)... School
Performance... Activities I participated in during my primary school years.



(Text in the Picture) It is a gift from our class to Mehmet Söyleyici,
who earned first place in the "Why I love my mother" competition held in
classroom 2/A at Fatih Primary School. I congratulate him and wish him the best
of luck in the future.
I became champion in a poetry competition that I participated in the
third grade of primary school.


Sahnede.İlk yıllarım.1977.jpg

My stage debut, in year 1977


In year 1983, a testimonial from the Public Education Institution.


(Text in the Picture) With the legendary, best of the best, musician
Talip Özkan at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts Rotterdam) In the picture,
left to right: Yunus Emre Söyleyici, Talip Özkan, Mehmet Söyleyici.


In year 1978, with the legendary artist Özay Gönlüm.



MS                                                                Dilek Eser                                   Yunus E. Söyleyici

After the TV program I joined on Channel Europe (Kanal Avrupa) TV



At Ordulular Night in Germany, Mehmet Söyleyici performs the
baglama for şegendary musician Ümit Tokçan.

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