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The song was written as a social reaction to current violence against
women and other forms of corruption in our country and around the world.,
“KALIBINA TÜKÜREYİM” (I spit on your personality) Music and Lyrics by:
Mehmet Söyleyici

Mehmet Söyleyici and Llamas Team

The video clip was shot for the song “Pekmez” from Mehmet  Söyleyici's Maxi Single album, “Avrupa Dedikleri” which was released in
Istanbul by ST YAPIM Company in 2017. Other musicians have also performed
this composition

The video was shot for Uçun Martılar composition from Mehmet Söyleyici's Maxi Single album, “Avrupa Dedikleri” which was released by ST
YAPIM Company in Istanbul in 2017. Other musicians have also performed this
composition. This song, which tells about longing and love, became popular
with its video clip

TRT invited Mehmet Söyleyici to the programs as a guest artist after
learning about the "Our Music and Culture" concerts hosted ethically in
Germany by Mehmet Söyleyici via social media.


One of Mehmet Söyleyici's works with German musicians in 1988,
“Hani Gülmek Nerede” (Where is the laughter) composition, was instrumentally
included in the Pop Instrumental Voyage, an album by Airplay Musik that
included 10 German artists. The album was released as a CD.

Mehmet Söyleyici, who came to Germany at a young age, was brought
up in the style of " from Arabesque to Zeybeks", with expatriate feelings. He
performs the zeybek folk songs of his region, emulating the attitude of his fellow
countryman, the musician Talip Özkan.

Mehmet Söyleyici, who perceives music as a whole, emphasized
arabesque, bozlak, barak, folk melodies, and songs specific to Turkish countries,
as well as focusing on the authentic air of his own region and synthesizing
Osman Söyleyici's music.

Mehmet Söyleyici, who sang the song "Nineni Mektupları" (Grandma's
Letters) by Özay Gönlüm as well as authentic music, performed "Grandma's

Letter" in a TV program in which his son also participated with the performance
of Şelpe (a playing style of baglama).

Yunus Emre Söyleyici, who began using his talents at a young age with
his father's encouragement, began playing baglama at the age of 13 and guitar at
the age of 15. He qualified to study at the Rotterdam Conservatory in the
Netherlands when he was 17 years old.
He eventually returned to Germany to work for his family 's business. He
continued to play music while working and was successful in Spain, China, and
the United States.

An unforgettable work from father and son in another TV show they

Mehmet Söyleyici had a small amount of poetry work in addition to the
compositions he had created in various styles. One of them is a poem he wrote
in honor of his teachers. “To Our Forgotten Teachers” is the title of a poem
written in honor of his teachers.

Sevemedim Karagözlüm (Düet) Esra Sukes & Mehmet Söyleyici

Mehmet Söyleyici collaborates with his fellow artists in numerous
times. In this song he collaborates with Esra Sukes Kıran. Song: “Sevemedim

Mehmet Söyleyici and Esra Sukes Kıran took music lovers on a nostalgic journey. Songs: “Yıllanmış Şarap” “Bitmeyen Çile”

Esra Sukes Kıran ile nostalji çalışması 

i-MS Cover.jpg

Mehmet Söyleyici's albums are in the world music market
Album in the Picture: Avrupa Dedikleri (What They Say Europe)

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